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Folding chair04. May2012

TAGS: plywood, bamboo, foldable
Designed by Leo Salom

This Folding chair is a real space saver for your appartment. Also very useful for those with a lot of friends. When they will visit you there will be no problem to suit them with a chair. Since it folds flat and takes almost no space to store, you allow yourself to have a comfortable number of these chair, enough to supply your needs in case of need.

"The chair is composed of three wood parts made from rapidly renewable bamboo plywood, a front leg that incorporates the back rest, the back leg unfolds from the one and the seat. There are three hinges that connect and allow the wooden parts to articulate about and the eight rare earth magnets that hold the parts in place in the closed position. The seat and the back rest are fitted with a quarter inch thick wool felt pads."

Folding chair was made by Monstrans. Monstrans is a multi-disciplinary architecture and design studio started in 2008 and lead by Leo Salom.

See below the Leo Salom considerations about the folding chair.

via Mocoloco

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