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Funky shape Pillboxes28. Jul2011

TAGS: box, wood, medicine, resin
Designed by Céline Forestier

Funny shape pillboxes announce the end of your medicine bottles cluttered on your table. As you get older, the number of pills you have to take per day may increase bringing a chaos of bottles from all sizes and colors, no matter where they are placed.

Céline Forestier, a recent grad of Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design Saint-Etienne, offers a funny solution in seven shape sculptural pillboxes, each one for every day of the week so you can keep the medicines concealed and organized within a piece of art.

Contrasting with the commercial perfect shaped bottle/pillboxes, the seven pillboxes proposed have an  irregular shape, making it easier to have a tactile and visual sense of whether you took your meds.

All seven shapes stand on a wooden support with seven different levels, another subtle way of reminding you in which day which medicine to take - Monday is the lowest and Sunday is the highest. Also each box is stamped with the name of the day, just in case you cannot track the spatial arrangements of days.

When you open a pillbox you discover that there are four compartments, each painted in a range from white to black which reflects the time of day when the medicine should be taken.

The ultimate goal, Forestier says, is to “change attitudes toward medication at home and ultimately de-stigmatize the pillbox.” 

via Fastcodesign

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