QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."

GRADO° collection18. May2012

TAGS: wood, metal, glass
Designed by Ron Gilad

Ron Gilad’s new collection of furnishings, Grado°, underlines the designer’s interest in basic geometric shapes.

Tables large and small, wardrobes, bookcases, mirrors and shelves play conceptually and materially with revolutionary elements, thereby becoming objects that fascinate and capture our imagination. Surfaces are rotated and rounded off; the wooden and glass tables and the bookcases, in particular, create a shift that moves from an angle of 90° to one of 45° without corners; a cube is extracted from its volume, leaving a void emphasized by a mark of red paint. Red shelves penetrate the wall with a passionate gesture that throws our perception of walls and shelves into doubt. The use of primary colors such as red, yellow and blue reiterates the basic shapes that characterize the collection. Grado° concludes with the small Panna Cotta table, at once delicate and heavy, a paradox in the use of materials such as marble and iron to achieve a fragile stability; 60°/ console and 35°/ tavolino “open box” table, of which we can only see the contours. Elements of pure light that appear to suggest hidden treasures.

Through his constant questioning and innate dissatisfaction he leads us, like the Pied Piper, and we gladly follow his music entering a world where convention and safety are upended giving way to a world where the subversive and the
absurd are the new normal.

GRADO° collection was made for Molteni&Co

See Ron Gilad presenting the collection

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