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Pierre Bonnard

GUITARRA collection02. May2012

TAGS: chair, bench, seat
Designed by Estudio Mariscal

Designed for Uno Design, Guitarra is a collection of chairs, armchairs, benches and tables and combination of these with a graphic, sinuous and colourful look. The curved wood and the upholstered cushions set the tone of the entire collection.

"Formally, they give off lightness and are, at the same time, highly expressive. The sinuous shapes drawn by the Guitarra (Guitar) seats provide rhythm, personality and freshness to interiors in the contract sector. In the case of the bench, the table and chair are combined in a single piece. Family of chairs: chair, armchair and bench. The structure is curved plywood and the legs are metal. They are upholstered in polyurethane or wool. The curved, graphic, asymmetric shapes characterise the Guitarra family." - Estudio Mariscal

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