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Bruce Feirstein

Gauthier-Furetta House17. Jun2011

TAGS: concrete, open

Photos: Yves André

The project articulates the space based on two simple typologies. The ground level has on one side fully opened to the Alps, framing the view with a row of windows which runs on the entire facade and from the floor to the ceiling. Window-doors opens by folding inward creating a continuous space interior to exterior, a huge covered terrace. By contrast, the opposite facade that runs along the street is entirely closed with a visual boundary obtained with a vertical wood sticks and a green wall of vegetation.

"A simple, compact form, designed as a single-story flat box, is translucent and almost unaffected by the topography of some of the streets running back in the landscape. The architecture is focused back to the views in perspective. Accordingly, large scale structure the areas of glazing, the building envelope. Concise act bent inwards panoramic window, which in this way and thus a covered sun-protected area is upstream." - Bauzeit Architekten

via Plataforma Arquitectura

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