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Philip Johnson

Green Lamp04. Nov2012

TAGS: plant, metal, pot
Designed by SIESTA Studio

"Unique combination of lamp and flower pot, where you can plant whatever you want. It is you who give it the character, that evolves every day with the growth of your plant. Together with the shape and growth level not only the look is changing but also the amazing play of light and shadows cast by it. Unique and surprising every day, will share your joys and make you feel better when you're sad. We managed to combine two completely different items. Unanimated object came alive, a living plant acquired surprising properties - it turned out that they match each other so much that they have become inseparable." SIESTA Studio

Designed by Zuzanna Malinowska/SIESTA Studio.

Green Lamp was shown at DMY Berlin and Tent London in 2012.


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