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HAPPY PILLS & MURANA vase collection23. Mar2012

TAGS: vase, glass
Designed by Fabio Novembre

Among the latest creations of Milan designer Fabio Novembre are Happy Pills, a collection of vases that borrow its shapes from the medicine pills. Fabio Novembre's Happy Pills are part of a special series handmade from glass by the famous italian glass manufacturer Venini and stands among big names like Ponti, Scarpa, Sotsass, Mendini, Ando or Campana Brothers.

"Palazzo Grassi hosted in February 2012 the presentation of two new projects realized by Venini in collaboration with the Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre. Known internationally, Fabio Novembre designes spaces and objects for the most important international contexts, from art to architecture and from fashion to design. For Venini he created two sets of objects, the collection ''Happy Pills'' and the vase ''Murana.'' The collection ''Happy Pills'' is composed of five vases inspired by the world of chemistry and medicine. The vase ''Murana'' reinterprets a key element of the imaginary of Fabio Novembre. The vases will be presented in the atrium of Palazzo Grassi, which houses the works by Jeff Koons and Joana Vasconcelos." - Venini

Happy Pills will be showed at Milano Design Week 2012.


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