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HOMEWORK desk18. Mar2013

TAGS: table, desk, aluminum, ash
Designed by Tomas Kral

Latest project of Tomas Kral is HOMEWORK desk. I have been looking for a long time for a functional desk like HOMEWORK. If you are the type who pile up your work and your things on your work desk then this is the appropiate desk you should have. At any moment you can dispose on the sides the material you don't need and still have it before your eyes. But if you are the type who like to keep things in order, then you can use the table sides to have things at hand.

"Homework desk is basically a work table which has been set to be functional: an aluminium cloth is placed on a wooden table, then folded to form as a redefined extention, [practically] a toolbox to store documents, objects, photos... [anything] that you need or simply desire to work." - Tomas Kral

Made of cast aluminum and ash wood. Size: 1560 x 800mm

Photos by Felipe Ribon

via Ignant


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