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Frank Lloyd Wright

Handmade lights30. Aug2011

TAGS: light, wood, veneer
Designed by Asaf Weinbroom

Entirely made of wood - from parts and joints to the structure and lampshades - the lamps are all build hand made in the Asaf Weinbroom's workshop. The fantastic part of the lights is that having all parts and joints only from wood (and not from metal and plastic) doesn't stop the lamps being easy adjustable in many ways. The wooden parts allow to modify the angle and all direction as well the length or the height of the light.

"Asaf Weinbroom Studio" is established by industrial designer Asaf Weinbroom. The studio focuses on designing light elements made from wood in a handmade process. Asaf is a graduate of the Industrial Design department in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. His designs focuses on unifying mechanism, joinery and new technologies while using wood as the main material for the new piece. - Asaf Weinbroom site 

via Designboom

Photos by Gilad Langer

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