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Hill Side House31. May2011

TAGS: concrete, slope, hill, vista
Designed by Johnston Marklee

The impressive Hill House, which looks like a diamond stitched to the hill folds, was build in 2004 in California and received many prizes along the years for its combination of smart interior open-plan with almost no-walls which allows easy socialization and small areas that offer privacy but yet open connected to the rest of the house. Also the window distribution allows incredible vistas over the surroundings of the hill.

"Designed for an irregular hillside lot in Los Angeles, the form of this 3,600 square foot single family residence results from two economically driven demands -- to maximize the allowable volume permitted by the zoning code, and to minimize the amount of foundations and subsequent footprint of the house. The resulting structure adopts a site specific form by registering the zoning envelope and optimizing the building volume’s performance on an inclined plane. Window quantities are minimized for privacy while window sizes are maximized for views and ventilation. The overall cladding strategy seeks to minimize distinction between roof and wall planes while maximizing the differentiation between interior and exterior." - Johnston Marklee

Photos by Eric Staudenmaier


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