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Pierre Bonnard

Holman house30. Jul2011

Spectacular views can be experienced from the Holman house, a Durbach Block Jaggers creation located on a hill top near Sidney, Australia. It's a great residence for summer, with everything you need to cool down in a hot summer day: patio, pool, open plan with fluid circulation for a good ventilation not to mention the large windows opened to the landscape and the cantilevered part.

Modern architectural references can be observed in this house but this combined with the incredible landscape only makes you crave for this house. 

"Sited on the edge of a 70-metre high cliff, the plan of Holman House refers to Picasso's painting The Bather. It contains a complex series of fluid living spaces set within a meandering perimeter that arcs, folds and stretches in response to sun, landscape and views. Living and dining areas cantilever out over the ocean, allowing dramatic views up and down the coast. The lower floor forms a base that is built from rough stone walls like an extension of the cliff below. These walls continue along the cliff edge to form a series of eccentric terraced gardens and a vase-shaped rock pool." - Durbach, Block, Jaggers

 Photographers: Peter Bennetts, Brett Boardman, Anthony Browell, Chris Cole, John Gollings, Reiner Blunck

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