House in Tokyo Suburbia 205. Apr2012

The house is a private residence built in a suburb of Tokyo on a very small rectangle lot of 57sqm. The house footprint is only 32sqm and the total floor area is 57sqm. Built from a mix of steel and concrete.

All rooms are developed vertically in a 'raumplan' style, each room being shifted with a certain height fom another, which prevents excessive height of the building and a sensation of a big open space.

The ground floor hosts the garage, house entrance and the kitchen from where the staircase links all the house spaces. The living area is on the second floor and the access is made through a hybrid area which is a partial floor with an exit to a balcony and hosts a 5 meter bookshelf. This area leads to the loft, which is the terminus point of the room chain, through the master bedroom.

The house also has a generous basement configured for storage.

photos via Designboom

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