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House of Seven Gardens19. Jun2011

The house is built on a timber frame construction with the roof covered in galvanised steel plates. Building Area is 161 sqm out of the 512 sqm of the Site Area and the Floor Area is 159 sqm. Development time was two years from which one year and a half was for designing the house. The house was completed in February 2011.

"Relations change - [House of Seven Gardens] is a house where three small boys live with young Mr. and Mrs.. They pursued a protected house of the privacy in the large vacant land of the downtown, so we suggested the house with an inner court of the one-storied house. The domain surrounded in a wall is divided in the room of big things and small things 17(11:outside,6:inside). They are connected and are sharp.
The house is a domain of the families and it is a personal domain with it. The building will be related how for the heap of the family. If an individual domain overlaps and there is the whole of the house, how will the building be related for the heap of the family?
What we valued are freedom caught the whole house as one's domain and somebody of other rooms and variety with various relations. Here, the personal occupation place such as a bedroom and the nursery is not clear, but the whole house is felt with one's appearance. Each one finds the favorite place in a house and families put distance and can stand still. Because there are some outside rooms, when light and a shadow change to solar movement every moment, the relationship between individuals changes again, too. Rain falls among them, Trees shut out the eyes, Wind joins the whole house together. In this way, by weather and time, relations between 17 rooms change consistently so that make variety of environment and the relation of them, the distance interval of the family.
'A child is small, so the room that be able to foresee from the kitchen becomes for children.','He can stay in the outside room at the time of examination.','The room of the blind alley becomes the personal space.'. We made each room and did how to make that looked for the function of the room afterwards. As a result, the place to stay of the family lies scattered, and outside connect the space, then the whole is called a 'house'. Time passes, and age and the constitution of the resident change, trees also change, then this house is put individual experience." - Ikimono architects

Photos from Ikimono architects

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