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Donald Norman

Infinity house22. Mar2012

TAGS: brick, clay, garden

Infinity house was the last year winner of the 2010 Think Brick Award held by Think Brick Australia which encourage architects designers and builders to rethink brick as a contemporary and sustainable design material.

For 2010, Think Brick invited six leading architects to design a residential property that challenges the notion of the ‘project home', and how we might shift the paradigm of how we live today, while emphasising the artistic, environmental and versatile capacity of clay brick use. The theme was 'The Essential House'.

The jury characterized the Infinity' house: "Generous in terms of garden, this is the typical suburban dream house with a new architectural solution. Beautifully conceived and crafted, the simplicity of the approach is breathtaking and manages to achieve the essentials of brick without being heavy."

See also Holman House from Durbach Block Jaggers. 

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