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George Gilder

Insuring Ireland’s Residential Mona Lisas14. Nov2013

Hodgepodge of Different Styles
Ireland is one of the few countries whose urban landscape is dotted with both old and new architecture. The country has long attracted admirers of ancient construction, with many structures dating as far back as the Medieval Times, including St. Canice’s Cathedral and the Bunratty Castle. There are also landmarks that stretch from the Restoration Period all the way to the Victorian Era, whose sheer facades and colonnades recall the neo-classical stylings of the times.

And then, there are the more modern masterpieces with often radical designs. A lot of these buildings appeared within the first half of the 20th century, right after Ireland gained its independence. The country’s architectural taste broke free from artistic conventions during this time, and many people see this as mirroring the ideologies that emerged from the aforementioned historical event.


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