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TAGS: birch, ash, wood, trunk, portmanteau, leather, bespoke
Designed by METHOD

The Journeyman is a joint forces result from Method, a scotland-based team who makes luxury bespoke hand-crafted furniture, and Amsterdam-based fashion brand Denham. The steam trunk is designed to serve a jeanmaker, which is a person who makes jeans by hand.

"Evoking the romance of a bygone era of luxury travel and bringing together over 600 traditional and innovative elements to create an utterly unique piece of luxury furniture - the Journeyman is a  moder re-imagining of the classic portmanteau steamer trunk.
Drawing inspiration from birch bark canoes and bi-plane wing construction and requiring over 300 hours to hand-craft, each Journeyman's solid ash frame is meticulously interlocked by over 200 traditional joints. This elegant, skeletal framework is then skinned with virtually weightless 1,5mm birch and hand-stitched leather, secured with industrial case fittings and detailed with thick, hand-crafted leather handles" - METHOD

Photos by Graeme Hunter


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