QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design is not for philosophy it's for life."
Issey Miyake

L'Observatoire23. Feb2013

TAGS: tower, wood, plywood, pavilion
Designed by CLP Architects

L'Observatoire is a pavilion built with limitations in budget and size. But this didn't stop CLP Architects to find the best solution. In fact these limitations allowed them to explore the right possibilities to construct the pavilion. Our primary intention was to create more solution with a single effort. The constructive system has been thought to provide multiple possibilties for action.multiple actions. They have decided for a simple system constructive using a module that keeps repeating and allows to perform many functions: storage, lighting, views, ventilation, etc.

The secondary intention was to diversify the relationship of man in the landscape. The pavilion is seen as a place of shelter, where one can live and let its space for the objects around him. It also act as a medium between man and the landscape, where each floor has a relationship with differen context. At the functional level, the possibilities of this constructive system allow empty space of any object, By creating a space and a kind of library filled objets and memoirs. The outside view of the pavilion becomes a reflection of its environment, an effect that can not determine the surface and which hides what happens indoors.

Photography by Jeremias Gonzales


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