QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple."
C.W. Ceram

LESE furniture series15. Jul2014

LESE furniture series is the new prototype furniture from bulgarian designer Konstantin Achkov. LESE furniture is part of the new brand Lock furniture family.

LESE series contains an easy chair, a stool/table and a floor lamp. The characteristic of LESE series (and of the Lock family in general) is that the furniture pieces can be constructed similar to a puzzle construction. The structural parts of the furniture are cut out from 18mm beech plywood with CNC router and adjoined one onto another by interlocking them, like a 3D puzzle without glue, screw, nails.  The only exception are the legs, seat and and the back which are attached with wood screw from the interlocked structure.

Each member of the LESE series have a special characteristic: the lamp have a magnet in the base and legs for fixing. The easy chair and stool/table have transparent seat, back and base made from polycarbonate.

"Altoghether, the Lese series is a flat-pack assembling furniture. In series Lese I wanted to combine standart tapered wood legs with simple puzzle shape. The transparent elements enhance the puzzle-like structure of the chair and stool." - Konstantin Achkov

More info about the previous works of Konstantin Achkov can be found here: Plywood Sledge and the chairs 'Stack' and 'Frame' (chairs are part of Tenom furniture, another brand created by Konstantin Achkov) and also in an interview with Konstantin Achkov



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