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MIX glass christmas decoration23. Nov2014

TAGS: glass, sound, ornament, christmas, color
Designed by NOCC

Glass Christmas tree decorations began to replace fruit decorations in the winter of 1858, when a great drought in the Northern Vosges meant a poor harvest with no apples or other fruits. A glass blower from Goetzenbruck, a village 2 kilometers from Meisenthal, used his glass blowing instruments to create ornaments in the shape of fruits.

In 1999, the Centre International d’Art Verrier (CIAV; international center for glass arts) Meisenthal reinstated the region's Christmas ornament tradition by selecting a guest designer to create a new ornament each year.
This year the CIAV Meisenthal chose Studio Nocc to create their 2014 Christmas ornament.



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