QUOTE OF THE DAY: "My furniture is an exercise in architecture or architectural mood."
Ettore Sottsass

MK1 Transforming Coffee Table11. Jan2014

For those who every single new object counts in the economy of a small appartment here comes the MK1 table.
MK1 is more than meets the eye.
It's a convertible table that transforms from a coffee table into a dining table. And from a dining table into a coffee table. And again. Yes, it is that easy to bring the table from one state to another that you will switch its state any time the occasion rise without thinking too much. Probably you will even rise to the occasion to get in the position to convert it.
MK1 is handmade created and if you want to have it you will have to wait between 8-12 weeks until arrives. There are also  a number of bespoke finishes, beside the natural aspect of the table from ash, oak or birch plywood and even powder-coated mild steel.

All photos belongs to Duffy London


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