QUOTE OF THE DAY: "My furniture is an exercise in architecture or architectural mood."
Ettore Sottsass

Marbleology18. Mar2014

Marble is a classic, timeless material. Since the sculpture was invented, marble was the perfect material to express the artist's vision. Over the centuries, marble was used only as a scupture material, as a decoration for furniture pieces (as a tabletop) and to produce small decorative pieces (chalices; press papier; etc)
In the contemporary times, when materials are reinveted or rediscovered and new materials are discovered at high speed, the marble shine through its proprieties: naturalness, elegance and durability. With the help of new technologies the marble starts a new life in a very new way. Thin slabs and large surfaces, complicated shapes in 2D or 3D cut or carved perfectly and a new way of thinking towards marble make it as one of the preffered material in these days.

Jean Louis IRATZOKI was in charge of the creative direction for the technologically approach of the new brand Retegui focused in marble objects and furniture. The following objects shows the new potential of marble.


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