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Milton Glaser

Marginal Notes #2 - 2012 furniture collection27. Mar2012

TAGS: bench, cabinet, lamp, shelf, frame, stool
Designed by Note Studio

'Marginal Notes' furniture collections is the living proof, if that can be said, that you should look at your doodles you make on the margin of your sketchbooks with more love and sometimes even consider to transform them into reality.

'Marginal Notes' #2 was developed, as previous 'Marginal Notes' collection, from doodles the Note team made on the margins of their sketchbooks and notebooks over the last year. The notes were revisited and worked through to physical objects. Developed in collaboration with Lerch Träinredningar .

'Marginal Notes #2' collection was showed at 2012 Stockholm Design Week in february.

via Dezeen
photo Mathias Nero

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