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Christopher Alexander

Muskoka-Polaroid Collection19. Sep2012

TAGS: painting, photo, aluminium
Designed by Parvez Taj

Parvez Taj brings us on a journey to Muskoka Lakes in Northern Ontario, where he spent time shooting the unique landscapes and typical cottage country elements. Combining these photos with soft water painting backgrounds inspired by lighting at different times of the day, Parvez created a finished image which was then transferred to white acrylic or aluminum. The images were then framed to pay homage to Polaroid photos, creating a cool look in a modern-retro way. The finished product is called the Muskoka-Polaroid Collection.

The Muskoka-Polaroid Collection contains 15 different scenes all of which are mounted on acrylic or aluminum and measure 47” X 40”. Custom sizes are available. Each print is signed by the artist and contains a hard wood frame on the back for mounting.




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