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NEW Handmade lights31. Aug2011

TAGS: lamp, wood, veneer, renewable
Designed by Asaf Weinbroom

Industrial designer Asaf Weinbroom continued to work on his wooden lamps and lately he developed a new series of lamps. (see previous post about handmade lights)

Generally, the light fixtures incorporate metals, glass and a variety of plastic materials as parts for the object’s elements. But Weinbroom lamps are totally made of wood, a renewable material that creates a sense of natural warmth and emphasizes a handmade quality to the final products which gives to the item value and a unique look and feeling.

Each of the lamp's bases are handmade in Weinbroom's wood shop. The lampshade cones are built from laminated red oak veneer. The studio developed a unique lamination technology in the manufacturing of the cones which allows creating a very strong cone made from thin layers of veneer that is light in appearance.

via Designboom 

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