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No Country for Old Men - part one15. May2012

TAGS: wood
Designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai

Latest creation of Lanzavecchia+Wai is an interesting series of three objects and furniture designed with care for elderly people. Let's face it, sooner or later we will be in the situation to use aids like these so I start to appreciate these from right about now. 'No Country for Old Men' line is designed to help aged people to keep their ordinary lives unchanged or as little as possible when the age starts to show its signs.

First one is 'Together Canes', a series of furniture objects "that focus on walking aids for living, not just mobility"
"The activity spheres that exist in a home become fluid and blurred with modern living habits and mobile devices. The T, U and I-canes not only provide interstitial support to the elderly, but also allow them and modern dwellers to bring along their tea-time, a collection of magazines and books and also to prop up their iPad for viewing from the sofa or typing out an email or document." - Lanzavecchia + Wai

Photos by Davide Farabegoli

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