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Oscar, the dog27. Dec2012

TAGS: beech, wood, leather, handmade
Designed by Architectmade

Even the Christmas time have gone there is still time to buy a nice present.

"Oscar was designed with the characteristic joy and care in Hans Bølling’s mind, and the little dog is a token of fun and playfulness. Oscar’s body can be arranged so that he does everything a normal dog would. He can sit, scrawl, stand, beg or even sulk in the corner if you have been away from him for too long.
He is, however, no ordinary dog. The highly specified and elaborate details of Oscar’s body add a sophisticated dimension to his form. Every angle, curve and bend has been craftily thought out over the span of a couple of years to convey a highly stylized, yet harmonious aesthetic object." - Architectmade

Oscar was designed in 1953 by Hans Bølling. The dog is handmade out of beech wood, and the ears and tail are made out of leather.

via Finnishdesignshop
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