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POTS, terracotta custom storage jars.27. Feb2013

TAGS: terracotta, jar, storage
Designed by Benjamin Hubert

When it comes to containers to hold food stuff in, form only follows function to a point. A piece of Tupperware isn’t designed to hold a certain thing in particular. Its aim is to hold whatever you can fit inside it. But the pieces designed by Benjamin Hubert show us that when you design a pot with a particular destination in mind the results can be simply beautiful.

The storage terracotta pots are following Hubert's credo: 'Materials-driven, process-led industrial design approach'
It researches the typologies and language associated with ancient and contemporary methods of keeping products cool and dry utilising a material like terracotta. POTS shows an exterior of natural, raw terracotta in contrast with the gloss, glazed interior and soft rubber lids.

Each of the four pots from the series is designed to a certain use and contents having a specific function or ingredient. The POTS were designed for the Danish brand Menu

Photos from Core77


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