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PRADO couch08. Feb2014

TAGS: sofa, couch, pillow
Designed by Christian Werner

This is PRADO couch for Ligne Roset.
Aside its function as a couch, PRADO shows two remarkable features. First, the couch is not just a place for sitting but a place for play. The plain horizontal surface is cozy and inviting you to sit down in any position you'll like. It does not have a back or a front as traditional couches have. It works as a stand alone piece.

Arrange the pillows as you wish. They will support you no matter what. That's the second feature. The pillows, their surprising, almost genius shape that provide support for resting on without them necessary being supported in turn because their innovative shape allows to support themselves. How convenient!
Not to mention that the pillows can be used on the floor too and their assymetric shape allows for two angles reclining.

Here is what Christian Werner says about PRADO in an interview for Stylepark:

“Prado”, which means a ‘meadow’, takes into account the change in habits life today brings with it. I have watched how we at home use the sofa as a family. And I’ve noticed that we use it in more ways and more leisurely than was formerly the case. We no longer sit so straight on it but prefer to sink back into the cushions. We are happy to put our feet on the upholstery and do not want to use separate footstools for this. And since we are using an increasing number of things direct on the sofa we certainly require a lot of space on it."

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