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PYLONES, éditeur d’objets à Paris08. Aug2011

PYLONES enterprise, which call themselves “éditeur d’objets à Paris” is a 100% French enterprise which started in 1985 by Jacques Guillemet and Lena Hirzel. PYLONES is producing and selling a wide range of design gift paraphernalia, ranging from odd shaped crockery and daring jewellery to colourful office gift products and home furnishings.

Here is how Jacques Guillemet, co-Founder and Director of PYLONES describes the idea behind the business “When we started 20 years ago, since the beginning we were very attracted to the past of our life, when we were young and looking at this time it was very clear that animals and small items with lots of color were always near us. And as we are getting older all those nice things disappear, because we are adults. So at PYLONES the idea was to keep possible for adults to be close and to buy items which are colorful and which talk to you about your past, a little bit like toys with functional and you can live with everyday.“

Therefore its products from hair brushes, hair clips and nail scissors to sugar pots, potato peelers and salad spoons are full of color and fun. These are rather ordinary day-to-day objects, which get new life and energy through color, humor and design. Rather uniquely, PYLONES maintains a unique role that bridges design with the masses.

Today, more than 50 PYLONES retail spaces sell the inventive products, ranging from odd shaped crockery and daring jewellery to colourful office gift products and home furnishings. PYLONES also maintains partnerships that operate PYLONES stores or booths in Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Turkey, USA and others. An eagerness to experiment has permitted PYLONES product collection to diversify successfully. Over the years, the business has practiced creative collaboration with talented Parisian designers such as Braguette Magique, Crea Crea, Ionel Panait, Laurent Lucas et Eugenie Pereira, Laurent Mouveau, Pied à Coulisse, San Froid, Vanina Crescioni and numerous others.

The company has been a recipient of many awards, PYLONES also designs and manufactures exclusive products for brands such as Dior, Renault, France Telecom, Starbucks.

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