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Don Newgren

Paul Menand, a designer in love with creation.13. Feb2013

TAGS: chair, stool, lamp, shelf, designer
Designed by Paul Menand

Paul Menand is a 25 years old French designer based in Paris. He graduated from the Marc Bloch University and obtained a Master's degree in Product Design while in parallel he graduated a DNSEP design at "Higher School of Decorative Arts" a DNSEP.

He works on his own, drawing constantly the objects that he likes and producing them as prototypes while looking for the editors interested in his object.

Recently, he worked with the city of Strasbourg in France on the design of a carafe and with Gosserez gallery in Paris on the edition of the lamp "Interaction".

He participated with his objects in several exhibition like "VIA" and "Maison et Objet" from Paris, "Il Salone" from Milan and "DMY" in Berlin.


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