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C.W. Ceram

Pi & Up sidetables09. Jul2012

TAGS: sidetable, table
Designed by Marc van der voorn

Pi & Up sidetables, the newest design from Marc van der voorn, is presented by Odesi, a virtual furniture showroom from Netherland which offers exclusives services on the internet with exclusive products on the internet. 

"Looking from a side angle, this table's profile has a resemblence with the symbol π, also known as Pi. That is where the name comes from. Maybe I could have named the Pi differently. PA. Personal Assistant, since Pi is always there for you when you need it. It's a sidetable, magazine holder and a pleasant appearance all in one! Because of the ease with which you can combine the Pi in your interior, I'm sure you will keep appriciating this table more and more over time. Timeless and adaptable, tha is it's strenght." - Marc van der voorn

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