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Robin Mathew

Ping Pong Dining Table27. Oct2011

TAGS: concrete, table
Designed by James De Wulf

Made to regulation size, the Ping Pong table dimensions are 9’ by 5’ by 30”. The new dining table can actually be used for Ping Pong with acid etched lines that will last as long as the table and a smooth surface that provides a great “bounce”.

The table is also ideal for outdoor use because the components are impervious to moisture, salt air and freeze thaw cycles. Many still expressed a preference to use the table indoors because of its clean, simple, and beautiful lines. The table is defined by its top which appears to float above the legs. Incredibly thin at one inch, the table top is the culmination of all of DeWulf’s expertise in working with concrete compounds. To put this in perspective, normal concrete would have to be nearly nine inches in thickness to achieve the same strength and durability of the one inch top that DeWulf has developed for this table.

Like all DeWulf’s creations, the Ping Pong Dining Table exemplifies his passion for producing finishes that feel both organic and luxurious. The pigment is mixed throughout the concrete assuring color that never fades or wears. While the surface is hand finished several times to create a smooth buttery feel that people cannot resist touching.