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Post Design Collection 201202. Apr2013

Post Design Collection by Atelier Biagetti is a sum of couches and chairs dipped in color, handmade carpets that represent vast landscapes, the sky above Biagetti studio and the thin brass.

"Each piece of the Post Design 2012 collection is a possible point of view, a free interpretation of the contemporary domestic space that finds its identity around the idea that altogether, these objects not only take us to an intimate home and space, but connect us with an unlimited landscape. The Post Design 2012 collection's leitmotiv is "surface and memory", which brings us to explore soft leathers tainted in vibrant colors used for the couches and chairs, and a rigorous yet comfortable design thanks to the memory-foam padding. The tables and the furniture pieces have a thin frame made in opaque brass, which is combined with a marine multilayer top with an aluminium structure in the tables, and is paired up with laminated plastic portraying Milan's sky above the Biagetti Studio in the furniture pieces. The collection is complete with five handmade carpets, loom knitted in Katmandù. These recall landscapes as seen from a satellite; forests and deserts, rivers and mountains, geography is tightly woven with great ability into these surfaces, a view from the Zenith, a space that goes beyond our limited perception." - Atelier Biagetti


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