Product Design Studio Graduates 201109. Jun2011

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Designed by AFADM

Academy of Fine Arts from Bratislava, Slovakia presents the annual exhibition showing the works of the diploma graduates from this year: Lubica Segecova, Vladimir Petruscak, Milan Kupca, Katarina Belickova, Jan Ziska and Tamara Belesova. Open at National Cultural Center in Bratislava from 31 of May till June 28.

AFADM - The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava is a modern European higher education institution. Founded in 1949 it grew up to become a fully accredited school offering the three level study, bachelor, master and doctoral in fine arts, design, architecture, conservation and restoration. The study of the History and Theory of Art and Architecture is accredited in the doctoral level only.

"Product design studio at AFAD Bratislava is focusing on individual creative expression. Products are designed to express an opinion towards social conditions. Functionally is also important, but mainly to create a product that is often witty and sometimes ironic." - from Designeast

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