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ROPERO wardrobe system17. Apr2012

TAGS: wardrobe, wood, oak, mdf
Designed by Hierve Diseñeria

Ropero, which translates to “wardrobe” in Spanish, is a modular freestanding wardrobe system that represents a spark of spontaneous ingenuity to blend both the traditional wardrobe and glass cabinet motifs – giving birth to a practical and flexible solution that creatively addresses contemporary needs for clothes storage.

Driven by imagination and inspired by contemporary living, this system is characterised by a sort of refreshing elegance that will find a home beyond the domestic arena – as it can become a striking centrepiece within shops, hotels, galleries and museum alike.

A lot more information about the materials and dimensions of Ropero modules including images with sketches and prototypes and videos with manufacturing process can be found on Hierve's site.

Hierve is launching to the market its “Ropero” Wardrobe System at the next edition of the Tortona Design Week. The product will be presented at Superstudio Piu´s famous “Temporary Museum For New Design” from the 17th until the 22nd April. They will start taking orders at the end of May 2012. 

Photos by Nicola Tree and Alejandro Villareal 


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