QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The room within is the great fact about the building."
Frank Lloyd Wright

Redo-me!18. Jun2011

redo-me® is the result of a precise and innovative design that has resulted in a response to an existing need: the variability of furniture and transformation over your own life with the same parts.

redo-me® is a furniture system consisting of three distinct parts, which are grouped in S, M or L kits , allowing to be mounted in many different positions. Elements are held together through a simple screw-type clamps system that can adjust its length to the needs of each setting.

redo-me® is a convertible furniture that can be expanded, divided, extended or reconfigured. A furniture system that fits you, made ​​in transparent or translucent Plexiglas and birch plywood finished in high-pressure laminates.

"Why have a single piece of furniture when you can have many with the same pieces? redo-me is a system in which each kit allows a wide range of mounting possibilities. A convertible, divisible, extensible product. Built for you. You can create your own configuration or use one of the examples shown in combinations. Dare to customize! Redo-me is produced in high-quality plywood with different finishes and in transparent or translucent plexiglass. Parts are assembled without any glue, using a extensible rod system that allows any number of mounting and dismounting cycles. You can change at will the size and shape of your furniture with the same pieces, or transform it even more with the ‘meta’ and ‘vai’ extension kits." - find more on redo-me site


via Plataforma Arquitectura

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