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Remember That You Will Die chair19. Apr2011

TAGS: chair, plastic
Designed by Pool Design

A white plastic chair shaped like a scull and designed by French studio Pool was showed as part of the Nouvelle Vague exhibition of French design in Milan Furniture Fair 2011. Called Souviens toi que tu vas mourir (Remember that you will die), the design is a reinterpretation of the ubiquitous monoblock chair.

Few words from the curator Cédric Morisset from the organizers: The emblematic monobloc chair reinterpreted as an expression of vanity. This memento mori represented by a skull acts as a leitmotiv for those who seek the comfort of a chair and the ceremonial act of being seated.

Material: fiberglass
Dimensions: L55cm W50cm H88cm

About Nouvelle Vague, the new French domestic landscape: Entitled Petite Friture, Moustache, Superette, Specimen and Goodbye Edison. Punchy and easy to remember names chosen to stand out by the plethora of new French furniture and objects editors. Difficult to believe in such a sluggish, but this is reality: France has never known such an entrepreneurial frenzy in the design world. In barely 3 years, the French design market has seen more editors emerge, but also design galleries (YMER & MALTA, Next Level Galerie, Fat Galerie, Galerie BSL, Galerie Gosserez, etc…) than over the last ten years.

In very little time, their pioneering work, production, and commercialisation of new object and furniture collections has permitted a new generation of designers to stand out and become visible. Their work has also given this new wave confidence. Now uninhibited, polyglot and entrepreneurial, they take risks, auto-produce and are opening out to the world. From amongst these numerous new faces, five obviously outstanding will be presented at this exhibition: A+A Cooren, Ionna Vautrin, Pierre Favresse, Studio Nocc and Pool.

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