QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I like the body. I like to design everything to do with the body."
Gianni Versace

SEMI chair01. Nov2012

TAGS: chair, wood
Designed by Minhan LIN

"Semi is a project that re-considering and challenging our common sitting position. In general, the seat's dimension of regular chair is a square normally around 40cm and the height of supporting back is 35cm, which can support full of human body. If we redefine on our sitting position, sometimes people only sit a half part of seat and ignore the lower part of lumbar. The feature of Semi is designing a chair with a half-length of seat and a half-height of back, which you can sit on the proper position and straight up your back." - Minhan Lin

SEMI chair was presented at Tent London in 2012 London Design Festival.

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