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SMASH PONG table15. Jan2014

TAGS: table, wood

Smash Pong is not quite a table as in "table for eating" but an installation made for the exhibition On! Handcrafted Digital Playground, curated by Héctor Ayuso and exhibited at the Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati.

"The piece is a take on the game of table tennis, and invites visitors to play inside the Center and interact with the installation. The rules of the game have been changed: instead of playing the normal way, players need to use their paddle as a tool to hit pieces on the table and gain points. The installation is completed with a scoreboard and custom paddles." - VALLEE/DUHAMEL

Concept and making: Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel
CNC and help with construction: Robocut Studio
Design of the legs: Kristian Nørhave


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