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George Gilder

SOFTWALKS18. Jan2013

What would you say that one day the scaffoldings from the city will suddenly become a friendly space, a place where you would start to enjoy to loose some time with your friends at a cup of coffee while seating on the elements that transform the scaffolding at the street level? The transformation of the scaffolding happens as a result of using a kit of parts: the chair, bar tables, green accents are the elements that convert the scaffolding into a social area.

Softwalks project is thought and put into reality by a team of two: Howard Chambers and Bland Hoke, both graduates from the Transdisciplinary Design program at Parsons the New School for Design.

The Cityofwalks team thought this would be great idea to revigorate the city at the street level and they submit their idea to Kickstarter - the well known crowdfunding platform - which will help them to get the necessary money to bring their dream come true. Meanwhile, the project was funded and we are expecting the first interventions with the real kit parts.

What is Softwalks?
"Softwalks imagines new experiences on the street. We are a design studio, and recently produced a Kit of Parts for sidewalk sheds. The kit is for place-making - so you can sit, chat and take a break in a new novel place. Our bigger goal and mission is to work with neighborhood organizations, local businesses, and public officials to design more livable public places using simple amenities and interventions." - Cityofwalks

All photos and drawings: Cityofwalks


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