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S house17. Sep2011

TAGS: house, japan
Designed by Ozawa Design

Recently completed, S house from Ozawa Design surprises us through its simple but clear and functional design through the constraints of the programme.

The house, located on a small and narrow site of only 50sm was designed to host three generations at once. These challenges led to a vertical distribution of spaces and use of the reinforced concrete on house contour to preserve as much interior space as possible. Additionally, an extruding volume towards the street was added to increase the interior space and to provide shadow for the single parking space of the house.

Slim windows provide sunlight while maintaining the privacy of the interior space. The ground level host the bedroom for the elders while the upmost level is inhabited by the young generation. The middle floor serve as a common place for meetings between the members of the house.

Images from Ozawa Design
via Designboom

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