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Sail rug23. Jun2011

TAGS: seat, rug, handmade
Designed by Luca Nichetto

SAIL is a limited edition 100% wool rug by designer Luca Nichetto for Nodus rugs.

Its unusual shape allows the rug to ether lie flat or can partially sit up on its own or against a wall to create a built in seating area. It is made in four different colors and available in one size only: 440cm x 229cm. Hand-knotted on a loom, the rug has a 10mm deep pile and 100 knots per square inch. The rug is made with 100% Tibetan Highland wool mixed with New Zealand wool and is also available in 100% silk or 50% wool and 50% silk.

Because it is handmade, it takes three months to deliver after ordering. The mat was created for Nodus and comprises an abstract shape and a smaller overlapping add-on. The extra piece can act as a simple extension, and better yet, it can even become a seat of its own. A really comfy carpet can take you away from sitting in even the plushiest couches. The sail-like component of the Sail Rug by Luca Nichetto can lean against a wall, or stand up on its own to act as a room divider.

"A large hand-woven rug that follows the three dimensions. In addition to spread horizontally, on one of its sides curve and rises upward, creating a large sail. So it can be organize the space using a large sail like screen, which separates the space without dividing them and absorbs the noise." - Luca Nichetto

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