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Santa Ana & San Joaquín church27. May2011

TAGS: church, light
Designed by RGRM Architects

The church building is a modern addition to the old church which served the people for 30 years.
Description of the project from the architects:
"The starting assumptions were:
Replace the old church of El Puerto, a modest building that had hosted the parishioners of this area of the city for 30 years and get the neighborhood people understand how their parish. Understanding the connection to the sea of the faithful and move the project has been a starting point for the project to create understanding between people and work.
Root architecture in places to which it belongs, that is usually one of our approaches indispensable. Shaping the identity of the work place.
The sea of those sailors who have known personally and take every year to the Virgin and Santa Ana in sea procession, the light of Almería, white, all generated a set palpable in our work to create links and complicity with new building.
The program uses is simple: a meeting place and celebration for at least 400 people, a room for imparting catechesis, meeting rooms for the parish and a house for the pastor. Its plan is shaped from a continuous wall that folds on itself to form the central nave. Inside houses the vestry and the parish office, and becomes the bell tower. The chapels are grouped to form a stony body enveloped by the exterior wall, designed as a place of intimate retreat. The ship broken by a crack, is flooded with light, the chairman of this shaft "out" the altar to the streets in a gesture of call. When you open the door the altar from the square is powered by the shaft of light.
The south facade is isolated from the outside and create a corridor on deck opening windows to create cross ventilation. No air conditioning systems.
The roof is formed by heavy tomes that seem to float through the action of light like, with the weightlessness, the sacred.
The concept of happiness is a premise as feeling self-imposed to get inside the building. Light is the instrument we use to achieve it."

via Platforma Arquitectura
Photos by Jesús Granada

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