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Shounan house16. Jul2011

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The sharp angles and sci-fi shape of the Shounan house make it a striking presence among surrounding neighborhood of classicly shaped houses.

As small as it is, this house hosts a family with two children and each have their own personal privacy: while children play and run around, their parents live in serenity. 

The first floor area is no more than the space of a three car parking lot and a garden. This condition inhibited the vertical space leading to create a high ceiling floor with structure exposed for the second floor in order to gain as much space possible.

Also the structure was built in a way to alleviate some of the heat that is always high in the summer. By placing a small vent on the north side of the first floor and an exhaust on the south side, the cool air from the north side and the warm temperature from the south side provide great air circulation and insulate the space.

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