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Salvador Dali

Sign of the Times31. Jul2011

TAGS: buildings, signs
Designed by Kim Kadmus Owens

"The exhibition [Magnetic Fields] title refers to both the physical field of a canvas, that flat, blank surface that can yield new three-dimensional worlds, as well as the opposing conceptual forces surging within the work of four contemporary painters" - curator Connie Lowe.  

"Cadmus Owens, who teaches painting and drawing at the University of Dallas in Irving, is perhaps the most blatant misdirector. Her work reflects a fascination with the way the proliferation of digital devices has influenced our perception of the world. She photographs industrial settings — “architectural landscapes on the edge,” she calls them — and manipulates the image and its colors in the computer before committing it to canvas. Her work in “Magnetic Fields” is characterized by fairly pedestrian urban compositions smeared with vertical Technicolor bars, as in “Lounge,” with the aim, says Lowe, of reconciling “the oppositions inherent in the hyper-visuality and invisible electronic buzz of contemporary experience.” Somewhat magically, Cadmus Owens seems to freeze time, which makes the commonplace and conventional interesting, somewhat bizarre." - taken from MySanAntonio 

via Artstormer

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