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Christopher Alexander

Split Locking dining table21. Apr2013

TAGS: table, concrete
Designed by James deWulf

In 2012 James DeWulf improved on the work of famed Italian designer Angelo Mangiarotti by creating two stunning concrete tables both with a leaner top and stronger gravity joint. The tables – a round locking dining table and a leaning coffee table – were dramatic examples of how far DeWulf had come with both his proprietary concrete mix and his concrete fabrication process. Both tables had a sleek, minimalist look and both showed the strength of his material and the precision of his work in a gravity joint that does not work without both.

For 2013 DeWulf has taken his Locking Dining Table to a higher level with his new Split Locking Dining Table. The Split Locking Dining Table is named for the split in the table’s top. This split allows one to see the base support all the way through the top without any attachments or hidden mechanisms. This is a pure gravity joint, with the split as an expression of the material’s strength. Other than the split, the top looks the same as the first Locking Dinging Table. But the new top is much stronger with much more reinforcement. That there is no difference in thickness between the new and old top is a testament to DeWulf’s latest compounds and fabrication process.


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