Summer house in Burgerland, Austria20. Feb2013

TAGS: wood, summer, house, larch
Designed by Judith Benzer

This summer house designed by young Austrian architect Judith Benzer is located in Burgerland, Austria, a region well known for its wine production.

The house has a striking clean and simple shape covered with a shell clad out of untreated larch wood to protect it during winter. The design of the cover is a vernacular one, following the traditional design of the buildings from the area. Most of the houses in the area are built right in the vineyards, on top of the cellars excavated on the sides of the hills.

Being a summer house it has no heating therefore to protect the structure during winter, the architect has designed an untreated larch wood mantle with folding and flap shutters to create a flush facade which underscores the archetypical shape of the home. On the ground there is a terrace in the shape of the shadow of the home creating a subtle reference between the building and the landscape.

For its sculptural appearance harmoniously integrated in its setting and the artisan execution of the work, the summer house received the Holzbaupreis 2012 prize by the Burgenland region in the Single and Multi-family home category.

Photos by Martin Weiss


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