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Table Games (jeux de tables)19. Jun2012

TAGS: wood, shapes
Designed by José Lévy

Table games is a series of tables with different tabletops shapes that can be arranged and form compositions in lots of various ways. You can group as many as you wish, only if space permits. The tables put together are looking like child toys, thus, playing with them will keep fresh the everyday image of your living room.

"Jeux de Tables is an open system of furniture with simple shapes and dual colours. Starting with four recognizable geometric shapes, a ring, a triangle, a cross and a cut square, this playful piece allows strategic and endless compositions-decompositions. The interchangeability of the shapes and the ease of set up allows new uses. The tables become isolated seats, long benches or large lower tables. The recurring aspect of the shapes and their collusion draw a familiar Territory, fun, changeable and always reorganisable." - José Lévy

Photos from José Lévy website.

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