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TamTam lights07. Nov2011

TAGS: light, lamp
Designed by Fabien Dumas

TamTam light consists in a large central lampshade (50cm) in lacquered aluminium, to which are attached smaller lampshades like satellites (35cm). The satellites lampshades are adjustable 350º through a swivel mechanism.

The light that comes from the lampshades is diffused through an opalescent methacrylate surface which softens the light.

TamTam is suitable for any space. Its configuration, with the lampshades that can be arranged in so many different positions and in different colors, allows to create vast, multi-coloured ceilings and spaces, each one different from any other. TamTam is available with three or five satellite lampshades and each one can be personalised in any of the following colours: black, white, orange, tobacco, green or grey.

Fabien Dumas presents the TamTam light in cooperation with the Spain based company Marset.
'TamTam' light was submitted for the "DIY" feature hosted by Designboom.

via Designboom
images: Fabian Dumas and Marset

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