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Tanaka house06. Jul2011

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Designed by Akinari Tanaka

Tanaka house, located in Kitakyushu, Japan is a project of only 67sm. The project is dedicated to a client which returned to stay in his birthplace after retirement. The client requested a sunny and ventilated house. The major disadvantage of the site was that once calm and green surrounding area with small houses dramatically changed into a noisy and densely urban area. The challenge was to overcome the oppressing feeling given by the actual surrounding situation.

Here is how the architect solved the situation: "Incorporating beautiful landscape is usual method at "Shakkei", but this project "Shakuhei" is a trial to incorporating neighbor’s ordinary concrete block. Neighbor's concrete block wall surrounded our flagpole shape site, and there was a sense of being oppressed. Therefore I dare to make the building with a concrete block wall. I cut this site into pieces on a cross with concrete block wall,and I put one roof over the top. As a result, we recognize neighbor's wall is a wall of oneself , because our wall was unified with neighbor's wall. This is a concept "Shakuhei (:borrowed wall)". It transform an oppressive feeling into an sequence feeling." - Akinari Tanaka

Tanaka house is a collaboration between Akinari Tanaka and POI, Nawakenjimu(Structure design) and Lapin(Facilities design). via Archdaily Photographs: Kei Sugimoto

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